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Will you be my Keto Valentine? This list of 21 Keto Valentine Recipes to make for the one you love has everything from the sweet to the savory, and many of these recipes are made just for two!

Even Keto peeps need Valentine’s Day recipes. I can’t think of any better way than to provide your keto Valentine with a delicious keto-friendly meal that will make their day even more special. And, you don’t have to make these just for Valentine’s Day! These recipes can be made all year long, for any special occasion, or just because!

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Keto Valentine Dinner Recipe Ideas

A romantic meal for two right at home is probably the best way to celebrate your love for one another! While sometimes a meal out is nice, when it is a super special occasion, then I much more prefer to dine right at home. Below are some delicious Keto Valentine Recipe Ideas for savory dinner recipes you may like to make for your Valentine.

Keto Valentine Recipe Heart Shaped Veal Meatloaf Recipe overhead shot #veal #groundveal #meatloaf #valentine

the number 1Let’s start things off right with this Heart Shaped Veal Meatloaf. It has only 4 carbs per serving and not only is it shaped in a heart, but it is also super tasty! This Keto Valentine recipe is sure to win their hearts over!

Sauteed Chicken with Sage Browned Butter takes chicken to a new level of delicious flavors. If you haven’t had browned butter, then this is a must-try recipe. Browned butter makes everything you consume extra special!

Keto Valentine Recipe Idea: Sauteed Chicken with Sage Browned Butter Sauce

Cajun Shrimp with Linguini is a recipe we enjoyed pre-keto. However, this recipe is only not keto due to the linguini. So, sub out some spiralized zucchini noodles or shirataki noodles and this meal is completely keto-friendly and super romantic!

Linguini with Shrimp and Saffron
Cajun Shrimp with Linguini Image Credit: Grumpy’s Honeybunch

the number 4If you’re of the mind to make steak, then these next two recipes are great ones to pick from. Steak au Poivre, the cream of the crop (in the beef world that is) is a peppered filet mignon that is mouthwateringly delicious and a perfect keto Valentine recipe!

Steak au Poivre: Image Credit

the number 5If the budget isn’t allowing for Filet Mignon, then these Keto Steak Rolls will do wonderfully! They are a colorful burst of flavor in the mouth that will be appreciated by your keto valentine!

Keto Steak Rolls, Image Credit Maybels Simple Living

the number 6Maybe seafood is your loves favorite special meal, if so, then this easy to make and oh so delicious Instant Pot Lobster Tail recipe is for you!

the number 7Sometimes just a simple Citrus and Herb Roasted Chicken is all you need for a special meal at home. This beautiful dish will be the stunning centerpiece on your table for your romantic meal.

Keto Valentine Chocolate Desserts for Two

When making a special meal for two, you may not want to make a large batch dessert recipe. After all, desserts for two are very romantic and perfect for Valentine’s Day!

Keto Valentine Recipe Idea: Chocolate Peanut Butter Cheesecake with sugar free peanut butter sauce and chocolate shavings sprinkled on top.

the number 8Let’s start it off with this Chocolate Peanut Butter Cheesecake. This is Grumpy’s very favorite keto dessert, and while it is a smaller batch recipe, you will likely have this for a couple of meals. It is rich, but oh so delicious. (that peanut butter sauce gets me every time!)

Keto Valentine Recipe Idea: Chocolate Mayonnaise Cake #keto #easy #microwave #chocolate #mugcake

the number 9I made this Keto Chocolate Mayonnaise Cake for two because of my love of the cake. I would request a mayonnaise cake every year for my birthday. So, it was a no brainer I had to make this a keto recipe. Made in the microwave, it is super convenient and ready in no time! Try eating it warm with keto ice cream or heavy whipped cream.

the number 10If you have a combination brownie and cheesecake fan, this Low Carb Brownie Cheesecake for Two is the ticket to your Valentine’s heart!

Low Carb Brownie Cheesecake for Two – Photo Credit: All Day I Dream About Food

Non-Chocolate Keto Valentine Recipes

the number 11Strawberry Shortcake Dessert Shooters are not only cute but fast to make and you can’t go wrong with Strawberries on Valentine’s Day!

Keto Valentine Recipe for Two: Overhead photo of Strawberry Shortcake Dessert Shooters

the number 12Keto Tiramisu will make the one you love very happy! It is guaranteed to make the tiramisu fan smile and be pleased you took care to find them a keto recipe for their favorite dessert.

Keto Valentine Recipe: Vertical shot of dessert with blurred image in background

the number 13This Victoria Sponge Cake is simple and oh so elegant looking. Did I also mention delicious? The perfect dessert for two who prefer to skip the chocolate and all the icing!

Keto Victoria Sponge Cake – Photo Credit: Carolyn Ketchum

the number 14This Keto Panna Cotta couldn’t be easier to make. It has only 4 ingredients and it it beautifully says I love you!

Keto Panna Cotta – Photo Credit:

Sweets for the sweet!

the number 15Chocolate Raspberry Truffes are not only a beautiful gift to make for your Valentine, but they are really delicious! These chocolates will be a much-appreciated gift for your keto Valentine.

Keto Valentine Recipe Idea: Chocolate Raspberry Truffles are what you're loking for this Valentine's Day for your keto dieter! You're going to want to skip the drug store sugar free chocolates this year with all their sugar alcohols. Try these easy truffles instead! You'll surprise yourself and impress your partner. #ketovalentine #ketodessert #ketocandy #ketotruffles #ketotrufflerecipe #dessert #valentinesday #lowcarbdessert

the number 16Another favorite truffle is this Brownie Batter Truffles. These no-bake truffles have everything you want from a fudgy brownie and are coated in sugar-free chocolate to boot!

Brownie Batter Truffles Image Credit: All Day I Dream About Food

the number 17These Low Carb Marzipan Hearts are another delicious way to say I love you to your Keto Valentine! These almond-flavored treats are so easy to put together and so delicious. A perfect Keto Valentine Recipe!

Happy “spirited” Valentine Beverage Endings

If you’re looking to end your special day with a beverage of the spirited kind, then you’re in luck! Maybe one of these keto-friendly alcoholic beverages will tickle your loved one’s fancy!

One of my very favorite adult beverages is this Keto Lemon Drop Martini. That sweet and yet sour flavor is so delicious, not to mention, it’s pretty easy to pucker up after you’ve had a sip!

Keto Lemon Drop Martini Image Credit: My Life Cookbook

the number 19While a mimosa is usually a beverage to brunch with, I feel it can be enjoyed at any time of the day. Therefore, This Low Carb Holiday Raspberry Mimosa has made the list of keto beverages you may want to try!

Low Carb Raspberry Mimosa photo credit: My Life Cookbook

the number 20A great way to enjoy a little adult beverage and make it a dessert is this Drunken Berries recipe. A little special something for that special someone!

Drunken Berries Image Credit: My Life Cookbook

Celebrating Valentine’s Day with a beverage and charcuterie board

the number 21Sometimes, the very best way for us to celebrate is with a Charcuterie Board and a glass of wine (or one of the beverages above). I love this idea for a Salad and Charcuterie Board. Just be sure when assembling the board, you are using keto-friendly, sugar-free products.

Salad and Chartucerie Board Image Credit:

More Valentine Day Ideas

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