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With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, you may be wondering what to do for that special someone you love. Since you may need some inspiration for gifts, I decided to share a list of Valentine Gift Ideas that I personally love to give and receive.

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From wine to steak, chocolates, and roses. Valentine’s Day is the day you share your love and appreciation to those most special to you!

Gifting Wine to your Valentine

If your Valentine is a wine fan, then there is no doubt, the best way to win the heart this year is to give them the gift of a wine club! Whether it is red or white, there is something for both types of wine fans!

For the red wine lover, there is a Simply Red wine club that is a Valentine gift idea that says “I love you” every single month! Your love will receive 2 different bottles of red each month from different artisans. And, this club has a 100% satisfaction guarantee!

Does your Valentine love International wines? Then this International Series gift is exactly what you need. Choose from 1 red, 1 white, or 2 reds for your love.

Valentine Gift Idea for the Beer and Liquor Lover

Does your Valentine say yes to beer? Then I have you covered there also! Do you know you can give a gift of beer to the die-hard beer fan?

Maybe your Valentine would prefer a bottle of vodka, tequila, or whiskey? If so, then it is as convenient as having it ordered and delivered to your home in just 30 minutes! An awesome Valentine gift idea for those last-minute shoppers!

Will you beef my Valentine?

I can’t think of any better way to say I love and appreciate you than to be gifted with a gift of beef! A great Valentine gift idea would be a filet mignon wrapped in bacon, or perhaps a big beautiful Porterhouse Steak.

If your Valentine is an avid beef fan, then they will appreciate one of these specialty items! I highly recommend a cap of ribeye, it’s melt in your mouth delicious. This Valentine gift idea is sure to win your beef loving Valentine’s heart!

Homemade Valentine Gift Ideas

Valentine's Day Recipe Idea for Homemade Conversation Hearts

If you like to make homemade gifts, then I have a few up my sleeve that is sure to impress your loved one! Say I love you with a gift of Homemade Conversation Hearts. You can personalize these hearts to have meaning to your own specific relationship!

Valentine Gift Idea for Soft Sugar Cookies

While these Valentine Soft Sugar Cookies are a little bit time consuming, I promise, they are worth every bit of time you may spend in making them. They are absolutely beautiful cookies that are almost too pretty to eat!

Won’t you cheese be my Valentine?

Cheese pairs perfectly with wine, and if your Valentine is a cheese lover, then this Valentine gift idea will be one that is truly appreciated! Sign them up for a Specialty Cheese Club to have cheese delivered right to their door.

Does a charcuterie board sound romantic to you? It does to me! Think of a romantic evening at home with a glass of wine and a board of your favorite meats and cheese?

Say I love you with the gift of jewelry

Jewelry is a great Valentine gift idea for those who want their love to wear their expression on their person! My very first Valentine gift from Grumpy was a heart-shaped necklace. And, he continued for several years after that to buy me something special and give it to me in a special to us way!

Valentine Gift Idea Heart Necklace
A special necklace I received from Grumpy!

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with this offer of $30 off any order of $100 or more! Whether you just want to say I love you or propose to the one you love, this is an awesome way to save and show your appreciation to the one you love.

A forever Canvas Valentine gift idea

One special way to say I love you is to have a precious photo that has heartfelt meaning to the one you love. When Grumpy and I met, not only did he come into my life, but Miss Kitty did also. She has always had a place in his heart and he has a super soft spot for her.

Have your own canvas print made with a photo special to the one you love!

Valentine Gift Idea

Valentine Gift Ideas for the candle lover

I love candles and I burn them all the time! So, anyone who knows Grumpy can pass this info along to him. Or, maybe I will just link him up to see this post!

This Valentine gift idea is awesome for any candle lover. The candle subscription box is a great way to gift your valentine every month.

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A personalized gift for him

Sometimes it is hard to find a gift for the male counterpart. Either they already have everything they want, or easily can get it for themselves. Or, maybe you just want the man in your life to feel extra special.

This Valentine gift idea personalizes something special for that one you love. Find the perfect gift and personalize it with something meaningful between the two of you!

Chocolate and candy Valentine gift ideas

Does your valentine love fudge? I would have to say that it is my favorite type of candy. Let me say, the person who gave me a fudge of the month club subscription would find a permanent place in my heart.

If gourmet chocolate is your Valentine’s love, then there is a club for that too! Imagine the sweet look of love on your sweethearts face when he or she received a special box of gourmet chocolates each month!

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