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Gifts for Keto Dieters can be very fun and tasty ideas! Keto Dieters usually have an extreme passion for their lifestyle, so anything that relates to helping them stick to their plan and make life a little more fun and easier for the keto dieter is appreciated!

Grumpy’s Honeybunch is your one-stop-shop for holiday gifts for Keto Dieters! Every item on this list is an item I own and love! Therefore, these tried, true, and highly recommended items are sure to fit at least one keto dieter on your gift-giving list!

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Top Choice Keto Cookbook Gifts for Keto Dieters

My #1 choice of cookbook gifts for keto dieters is the Everyday Ketogenic Kitchen cookbook written by Carolyn Ketchum. Carolyn’s recipes are tried, tested, true, and delicious! This is the cookbook that got us started on Keto and there isn’t a single recipe I don’t love in this cookbook! My very favorite recipe in this cookbook is the Cream of Mushroom Soup. Hard to believe soup is a favorite recipe, but it’s that GOOD!

Since I love Carolyn’s cookbooks so much, it shouldn’t be a surprise that the next cookbook recommendation gift for keto dieters is another one of hers. The Keto Dessert Lover in your life will love this Easy Keto Desserts cookbook! Of all the sweet cookbook gifts for Keto Dieters, this is my highest recommendation for under $20!

BONUS! Try Carolyn’s newest cookbook: The Ultimate Guide to Keto Baking Cookbook! It is INCREDIBLE and so informative for those who want to bake. The Boston Cream Poke Cake is our favorite recipe and even my non-keto kids love it!

One more cookbook recommendation is Craveable Keto written by Kendra Holley. This is cookbook offers breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and dessert options. I have made so many recipes from this cookbook also and the Eggroll in a Bowl is Grumpy’s very favorite recipe!

Keto SnackFood Gifts

When you’re on the Keto Diet, you are always looking for snacks that will supplement your dietary needs. Especially fatty snacks and snacks that will satisfy that craving for former carbohydrate treats. My first choice of Keto Snacks is Whisps Cheese Crisps. They are great for on the go and have that salty delicious crunch everyone loves!

Another crunchy, salty treat that keto dieters love is Pork Rinds. I especially love the Microwaveable Pork Rinds. You will hear them crackle and pop as they puff and expand. And, they are SO delicious! This is an awesome gift for the keto dieter who is also a pork rind fan! (hint: most keto dieters are pork rind fans!)

Keto Dieters also love their beef, and these CHOMPS MINI Grass-Fed Beef Jerky Meat Snack Sticks are my absolute favorite ones! They are not dry, easy to chew, and full of flavor.

Novelty Gifts

Novelty gifts are fun and (sometimes) function gifts to give your friends. So, it just wouldn’t be a fun giving season without some novelty items to offer your keto dieter! Start with this cute yet My Keto Journey diary. The cover of the book is BOUND to put a smile on their face!

Carbs and Wine. Wine and Carbs. No matter what order they come in, most wine lovers are saving those carbs and likely for a glass of wine! At least, that is MY objective 🙂 This cute little coffee mug is for your coffee, wine, and carb lover!

These Keto Cheat Sheet Magnets are handy little bits of information to have around! At a glance, they will know carb, fat, and protein content of their keto-friendly foods!

Last but not least, keto dieters’ most important goal (besides losing weight and maintaining health, is staying in ketosis. Ketosis is that magic word that means your burning fats! A perfect gift for keto dieters is this Staying in Ketosis Shirt! Putting it right out there to not offer them anything that will knock them out of ketosis!

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