Gifts for Cat Lovers

Finding special Gifts for Cat Lovers in your life may be harder than you think! After all, people can be picky about their pets. Grumpy and I are huge cat lovers and have an idea of some of the great things your fellow cat lover in your life may like for gifts!

Grumpy is the original cat lover in our home. He brought Kitty Girl into my life when we first met. From then on, my love of cats grew and we were always a 3 kitty home until Miss Kitty passed on. Because of our ultimate love for the furry, purring pets, we wanted to share with you our top 10 Gifts for Cat Lovers. I’m sure any one of these will make the cat lover in your life happy!

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The attitude of a cat gift

If your a cat lover, it is highly likely you are well aware that cats have attitude! They love to wake you up from a sweet sleep, put their butt in your face, and incessantly ask for treats. Well, at least the Grumpy kitties do! I absolutely LOVE this Kiss This! Coffee Mug. It portrays the attitude of a cat so perfectly! Gift your cat lover friend this mug to show support!

Talking about cattitude, this gift for cat lovers shows it all! Ever been stared at by a cat? (I have!) Or, maybe the cat loves to jump up in your chair as soon as you get up. It’s their way of telling you “you move you lose!” This book, I could Pee on This, a book of cat poems, is hilariously funny and all cat lovers will love it!

Gifts that drive cats insane (and sometimes their owners)

What was that about treats? Oh, yeah. They want them. Incessantly. As soon as Rudy (my cat) thinks I’m “possibly” on my way to the kitchen, he’s right under foot, meowing like crazy! Gift your cat lover friend this Cat Treat Jar. Every time it is moved, its guaranteed the cat will come running to the kitchen, if they aren’t already there!

Catnip. Its a kitty drug that will eventually make them pass out cold. However, expect them to go crazy for a while until they do! Our cats LOVE this Cardboard Cat Scratcher Couch Bed with Catnip Pouch. There is a secret pouch for the catnip and they will go insane over it! It’s the perfect gift for cat lovers to aid to in tuckering out the cat so they can get some peace!

If you haven’t caused enough ruckus in the house with the catnip bed, then maybe you want to add to it and gift this Laser Toy! Rudy in particular goes crazy over this. He will chase it to his heart’s content. I even get the giggles watching him leap up the wall to catch it! Chubby is intrigued, but I think he’s kinda lazy. He would rather lie on the floor, watch it and tap it with his paws if it comes close! In any case, this is a great exercise toy for the cats. Even if it does cause a bit of a ruckus.

Signs that say it all

This “You had me at Meow” wall decor is one of my favorites. Its funny how those furry pets can be so annoying but so adorable at the same time! This sign hangs right in our entryway as a reminder that this house belongs to the cats!

Don’t let anyone try to fool you. Cats rule the roost when your a cat owner. This list of cat rules is 100 percent accurate. Have any questions? Reference rule #1.

Gifts for Cat Lovers: For the comfort of cats, maybe.

You may not realize it, but this 6 pack of Cat Fleece Blankets is necessary. I mean, cats think they own every piece of furniture in the house. Therefore, you need to protect it from kitty hair. I have these all over the place, including on my bed. The cats may, or may not use them. No guarantees. 🙂

Cats love to perch on a tree. I swear, they are part bird. However, our cats are on the cat tree every day. It’s one thing I highly recommend for cats. They like to sit up high and love to look out windows. This is probably the priciest item on our list, but it’s one worth investing in. This may keep the cat off the owners bed. Until the owner gets in bed that is.

If the cat tree is out of your price range I have a solution to your cat’s need for perching. This Cat Window Perch attaches to the window and our cats LOVE these. Let your cat be perched and enjoy the sun at the same time. Which, btw, have you ever wondered how a ball of fur can stand to lay in the hot sun? I still don’t get that one.

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