Banana Pudding Cheesecake

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Indulge in a creamy and cheesy twist on the classic banana pudding with this no bake cheesecake.

Sweet, creamy, and full of banana flavor, this banana pudding cheesecake is the best no bake dessert recipe!

Delicious Twist on the Classic Banana Pudding Dessert!

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- Classic banana pudding flavors - No bake dessert recipe - Great for parties, holidays, birthdays or any special occasion

Vanilla Wafers Whole Milk Cream Cheese Heavy Cream Fresh Bananas Butter Vanilla Extract Granulated Sugar



In a food processor or blender, process vanilla cookies into crumbs. Then add the butter and sugar processing until until fine crumbs have formed.

Pack the crust ingredients into the pie pan firmly, going up the side of the pie dish slightly (if desired).

Start with the instant pudding  mix and milk and mix it together until smooth. Allow to set for 5-10 minutes to thicken.

Use an electric mixer to make the cream cheese creamy and smooth, then fold together the cream cheese and then fold the pudding mixture with a rubber spatula into the cream cheese.

Dice some of the banana into small pieces, leaving the remaining bananas to slice for the top of the cheesecake.

Add the diced banana to the filling mixture, then spread cheesecake filling evenly over top of the vanilla cookie crust.

Arrange banana slices over top of the banana pudding cheesecake and refrigerate for at least 4-6 hours, or overnight.

Vanilla wafers and creamy banana pudding cheesecake filling create a delicious dessert that is pure comfort food!

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