Grumpy's Honeybunch

A sweet and tart pie recipe made with fresh rhubarb in a flaky pie dough.

Rhubarb fans will want to make this delicious pie when Rhubarb season comes around! It's hard to resist that sweet and tangy rhubarb custard filling enrobed in a buttery flaky crust.

Rhubarb is a vegetable that grows as a stalk and is extremely tart and used mainly in sweet recipes and often paired with strawberries to enhance sweetness!

What is Rhubarb?

Rhubarb Pie Making Tips

01 Use fresh and crisp rhubarb stalks

02 Boost the flavors.

03 Cut slits into top crust layer to vent steam.

04 Use water to act as glue to pie crust for easier sealing.

Use fresh crisp rhubarb stalks


Look for fresh, crisp rhubarb that is pink to red in color (for ascetics). If using frozen, it must remain frozen (do not thaw).

Add more flavor

Dot the top of the rhubarb pie filling with butter to add more flavor. You could substitute almond extract for the vanilla extract for a bolder flavor.

Vent dough

Always cut slits in pie dough to allow steam to escape while pie is baking and allow water evaporation.

Seal and crimp crust

Use water around the outer edges of pie crust to assist dough in sticking together when sealing and crimping the edges of pie dough.


If you don't have pie guards to prevent the crust from burning, use aluminum foil strips to cover the edges of dough.

Serve cold


Rhubarb pie does not hold it's shape unless served completely cooled. Store in the refrigerator.