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My favorite cheese store in New York State is Lowville Producers Cheese Store, located in Lewis County, Lowville, NY. At their store, you will find a variety of cheeses, Croghan Bologna, locally made chocolate, and maple syrup among many other items!

Lowville Producers Dairy, Lowville, NY

What makes this the best cheese store?

The staff is super friendly, and the quality of the cheese sold is excellent. You can always “try it before you buy it” there as they have several samples set out with different varieties of cheese.

I live a little over two hours away from this store, so I always strategically plan my rest break to be in this small town whenever I am driving through. And, always buy plenty of cheese curd and cheese when I am there!

Lowville Dairy Producers check out

I was able to visit the store a couple of times last year and hopefully will get to do so again in March of this year! I grew up eating cheese curd and to me, it is the best food on this earth (next to bacon!).

Cheese Sample Stations are set throughout the store.

What is so good about cheese curd?

Cheese curd is at it’s best when it is freshly made. I always love getting it the same day it is made. It has a squeaky, salty, delicious flavor and texture to it that I just love!

Can I buy from the best cheese store online?

Yes! I was super excited to discover that you can buy cheese curd, cheese, maple syrup, and Croghan Bologna on their online cheese shop!

Lowville Dairy Producers cheese case where the cheese curd is found.

What can I make with cheese curd or do you just eat it as is?

I love to eat cheese curd just as it is. The best way to enjoy it is at room temperature. If you eat it straight out of the refrigerator, it will not have the same texture or taste. All cheese tastes better at room temperature!

You can also make awesome dishes with cheese curd! The most popular being Poutine. Poutine is a dish that originates from Quebec, Canada. It is made up of french fries, cheese curds, and gravy. It has become very popular in the food world and there are several takes on this dish by foodies.

The best cheese curd found in new york state

For instance, I have a unique, delicious recipe on my website for Spicy Poutine Potato Skins. This recipe is made with ground venison in a spicy, sweet sauce with cheese curds mixed in. It is served up in a potato skin making it a delicious treat to serve for game day!

Spicy Poutine Potato Skins

You also may like the recipe for Philly Cheesesteak Poutine, Cajun Mini Pizza Poutine, and Chicken and Waffle Poutine!

If you are interested in learning more about the Lowville Dairy Producers and their cooperative, be sure to visit them online. They also are on Facebook.

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