ATV Safety Tips

My Grumpy man. He’s what I would call a “real” man! When I started writing and came up with my blog name, it was because I was and still am completely enamored with him. He has always been passionate about and wanted to own was a 4-wheeler and finally, we were able to make it happen! My hunky, grumpy hubby, finally got one! With this new “toy” in our life, I thought I would share some  ATV Safety Tips and how to have fun and stay alert at the same time!

ATV Safety Tips

ATV Safety Tip #1

Always wear a DOT-compliant helmet and appropriate clothing! When riding, you want to protect yourself as much as possible. Brain injury is the most common type of injury with ATV riders. Making sure you have the proper headgear and clothing are preventative measures that you should take. In NYS, headgear is the law when on an ATV.

ATV Safety Tips

ATV Safety Tip #2

Never ride on paved roads. Crossing the road is the only time you should be using your ATV on a paved roadway. You should only ride on trails that were made for ATV’s and always drive at a safe speed.

ATV Safety Tips

ATV Safety Tip #3

Be sure to stay alert and make sure you are well rested and ready to go is! Grumpy likes to keep his inspiration in a bottle of SToK™ and keep his eyes on the road!  Being alert is just as important as wearing protective gear. Not only does he require quality geeked-out gear, he requires quality geeked-out refreshment! This is one of our favorite ways to stay refreshed and alert on the trail!

ATV Safety Tips

ATV Safety Tip #4

Be knowledgeable! Make sure you take a hands-on ATV rider course. You need to know how to handle your ATV in any situation you may face. Never carry a passenger on a single-rider ATV. We have an ATV made for two passengers, however, after giving Grumpy’s a test drive, I’m ready to have my own!

Upstate New York Nature

ATV Fun and Safety Tip #4

Take your time. Your out to have fun, enjoy the view. Life is good!

ATV Safety Tips

We went to Wal-mart to coffee-up and grabbed some bold cold-brew SToK™ coffee for our recent ATV adventure. I found it in the dairy section. We fell in love with the bold and smooth flavors in this coffee and our favorite is the “Not too Sweet”. We think the fact there are no weird ingredients is pretty awesome too!

Grumpy #SToKCoffee

Grumpy and I are curious? Are you adventuresome? How do you “coffee-up” for your adventures?

PIN ATV Safety Tips

ATV Safety Tips

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    Thanks for the tips! Lovely photos ♥

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