One of my favorite taste sensations is the tang of a lemon.  For some Grumpy however, not so much.  I don’t make a lot of lemon desserts unless I plan to share them for that reason.  I would be the only one eating them.  However, the first time I made Grumpy my lemon swirled cheesecake, he fell in love with it and that was my first ever experience with lemon curd.  It was not going to be my last!

While Grumpy didn’t care for the taste of lemon curd on it’s own, he loved it in my cheesecake.  Christopher and I however, we could eat it from a spoon directly from the refrigerator, and well, actually, we did do just that!  I remember Chris looking specifically for the lemon curd so he could just spoon it!

When Frieda’s Specialty Produce sent me my most recent box of goodies, there were Meyer Lemons in the mix.  I decided to try out the lemon curd with the Meyer Lemons, knowing it would be on the sweeter and less tangy side.  While Grumpy would not eat it from the spoon yet, he did eat the cookies I made that were filled with it so I would say, while he didn’t devour the whole batch of cookies, he did eat them without my prodding so I guess that says he didn’t hate my attempt at a milder, sweeter lemon curd.

I gave some of this lemon curd to our new neighbors who have already been more than generous with us.  I found out later that the male counterpart of this couple really is not a lemon fan either, however he assured me that he enjoyed the lemon curd.  😉  So, if you love lemons but you have others in your household who are not huge fans of it, then this Meyer Lemon Curd is the way to go if you have that hankering and feel you must have it!


Meyer Lemon Curd
slightly adapted from

3 large eggs
1 cup granulated sugar
1/2 cup Meyer lemon juice
1/4 cup unsalted butter
2 teaspoons lemon zest

Whisk eggs, sugar, and Meyer lemon juice in a double boiler over medium heat.  Water should be simmering in the pan, not boiling.  Stir mixture while cooking until thickened.  This can take 10 minutes or more depending on the heat of your water in the double boiler.  If it still has not begun to thicken after 10 minutes, it could be your heat is a little too low.  Just turn the heat up a little and continue to cook.  The mixture should begin to thicken before you remove it from the heat.

Strain curd through sieve to remove any lumps you may have formed.  Add butter and lemon zest.  Cover and chill.

This can be served on toast, used in baking such as a filling for thumbprint cookies (which I did this time) or swirled into that delicious lemon swirled cheesecake!  Enjoy!

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